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Our Green Mission & Policy

Rudy's Executive Transportation Green Policy

At Rudy's Executive Transportation, we apply green thinking to every action and every decision to benefit our customers, our community and our employees.  We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by becoming pros at developing and implementing effective green practices and procedures as a rule, not as an exception.


We are dedicated to taking the following actions to achieve our green vision:


  • Measurably reduce our company’s carbon footprint 

  • Reduce the amount of waste our company produces

  • Reducing paper waste in our offices and cutting back on our use of printed materials

  • Making sure our vehicles are eco friendly and have better gas mileage

  • Implementing electric and hybrid vehicles into our fleet as we replace aging models.

  • Increase our green knowledge and continually learning to be a eco friendly, green workspace.

We're doing our part today to make tomorrow better!




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