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Airport Transportation

Are you constantly on-the-go? Travel by plane every month? Well, look no further as we are a car service company that provides airport transportation in CT and the entire tri-state area.


Rudy’s provides their clients with safe and reliable executive transportation to and from all major airports in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Our staff members utilize real-time flight tracking information to ensure that you, the client, have a professional, uniformed chauffeur waiting for you upon your arrival.


Count on Convenience, Comfort and On-Time Executive Transportation…Every time with Rudy’s


  • Rudy’s chauffeurs are trained to have a knowledgeable and constant familiarity with the layout, logistical details and surrounding traffic patterns of the airports we service.

  • We provide personalized door to door service and handling of all your baggage during your airport transportation.

  • Rudy’s chauffeurs remain in constant 24/7 cell phone and fax support to ensure that your vehicle is where you need it, when you need it.

  • At Rudy’s, we cater to all your special requests, no detail is too small. Dom Perignon, Evian or Pelligrino. Coke or Pepsi. The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. Work, read, or relax. Feel confident that your Rudy’s Chauffeur will make your ride safe, comfortable and hassle-free.

  • With Rudy’s chauffeured executive car services, you travel in your choice of the finest, late-model luxury vehicles from the Rudy’s Fleet.

  • Call Rudy’s 24/7 with our worldwide toll-free number at 1-800-243-RUDY(7839) for bookings, account status, itinerary updates, and more.

  • For  dded convenience, take advantage of Rudy’s internet online e-Reservations.

  • Rudy’s “When On-time means everything.”


Rudy’s offers transportation to all of the airports in CT, NY & NJ.

Abbr.      Airport Name







LaGuardia International Airport

John F Kennedy Airport

Stewart Airport

Newark Liberty Airport

Westchester County Airport

Bradley International Airport

Call For Your Quote: 800.243.7839

Travel Tips for LaGuardia Airport

Throughout our sixty years of providing airport car service to LGA, we have acquired some useful tips that will make your experience inside LaGuardia Airport as hassle-free as your transportation there:

  • Don’t discard your baggage claim ticket. LaGuardia is one of the few airports that actually confirms that the bag you are walking out with is indeed yours, so make sure you keep that small white barcode (which is usually stuck to the back of your boarding ticket).

  • One thing that is excellent at LaGuardia Airport is their dining options, especially in Terminal D. From the Custom Burgers restaurant that serves the meat of Pat LaFrieda, a local celebrity butcher, to the Brooklyn pizza joint Taglaire ran by Dom DeMarco, there are several mouthwatering possibilities worth stopping for.

  • A few extra tidbits of information: LaGuardia offers pet relief areas at every terminal, and Terminal B is home to a nursing suite (for new moms) and a dental office.

Travel Tips for JFK International Airport

As the premier airport transportation service for John F. Kennedy International Airport, we happen to know a few insider tips that can help make your travel experience even more enjoyable:

  • All of the JFK terminals are open 24 hours per day—and we can provide our car service from any of them—but don’t get confused by the numbering system. While the terminals are numbered, as you can see on the JFK Airport map, there is no terminal 3 or 6.

  • The JFK Airport is home to some of the most amazing shops and restaurants, so if you want your transportation to arrive early to check some of them out, let us know.

  • Every terminal at JFK offers complimentary Wi-Fi service for up to 30 minutes, and provides a currency exchange location.

  • There are over 70 airlines operating out of the JFK Airport, and we know they can’t all be on time. That’s why our car service includes an hour of free wait time at JFK.

  • Always check out the latest TSA guidelines before traveling to help you get through security faster.

Travel Tips for Stewart International Airport

As the leading airport transportation provider for Stewart International Airport, we are well versed in what the airport has to offer. Here are a few insider tips we have picked up over the years to help you continue your smooth travel experience even after we drop you off:

  • Unlike larger airports, SWF is not open for 24 hours/day. While the air traffic control tower is always operating, the main terminal itself doesn’t open until 4:00 AM. If you have an early flight, our airport car service can get you there right when the doors open.

  • As you can see on the SWF Airport map, the airport is very limited in its food and shopping offerings. There is only one restaurant (Euro Café) past security, and it is connected to the Hudson News store, and pre-security you will find a Quiznos.

  • Even with only four airlines (Allegiant, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Delta Connection) and seven gates at the SWF Airport, this is an international airport, so there can still be delays. To accommodate this, our Stewart International Airport car service includes an hour of wait time.

  • While not on the map, there are pet relief areas near the arrivals area. You can follow the signs at baggage claim or ask an airport employee for directions.

Travel Tips for Newark Liberty Airport

As your preferred airport transportation provider to Newark Liberty International Airport, we have several tips to share to make your time inside EWR more enjoyable:

  • The EWR Airport contains three terminals, A, B, and C, as seen on the airport map, and each one has three separate areas (1, 2, 3). The easiest way to travel between terminals is with AirTrain, which is free when it is being used for in-airport transportation.

  • In order to avoid long security lines, it is best to avoid checking in between 5:30 AM and 8:00 AM or between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM for Terminals A, B1, and C. For Terminals B2 and B3, 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM are the busiest times.

  • The Newark Liberty International Airport provides thirty minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi to all travelers in all of their terminals. There are also hundreds of free charging stations throughout the airport that include both standard outlets and USB ports.

  • For pet owners, EWR has a pet-relief area outside of each terminal. For nursing mothers, there are two private nursing stations: one in Terminal B2 (by gates 50-57) and one in Terminal B3 (by gates 60-68).

  • If you are seeking local dining and gifts, there are ample options within the Newark Liberty International Airport. A couple of our favorite shops include America! in Terminal A and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store in Terminal C. For food, we love Phillips Seafood in Terminal A, Champp’s in Terminal B, and Vanguard Kitchen in Terminal C.

Travel Tips for Westchester County Airport

As the premier airport car service provider for Westchester County International Airport, we are very familiar in what you need to know when traveling through this airport. Here are a few pieces of advice that we think will improve the quality of your travels even after you have left our superior car service:

  • The Westchester County Airport main terminal is open around-the-clock. It does not close for holidays, evenings, or even due to inclement weather. However, individual airlines reserve the right to cancel or delay their own flights.

  • The airport is home to only six airlines and only sees about 55 flights departing each day.

  • Due to the size of the airport, food and beverage options are limited; however, you will find one full-service restaurant, a coffee shop, a bar, and a few merchant kiosks inside. That being said, many of them are found before the security checkpoint, so make sure to plan ahead.

  • The Westchester County Airport offers free wireless internet access throughout the main terminal.

Travel Tips for Bradley International Airport

As the top airport car service provider for Bradley International, we have extensive experience with the airport. Here are a few of the insider tips we want you to know to ensure you have a smooth travel experience even after we have parted ways:

  • Bradley International is open 24 hours each day, with most ticket counters opening by 5:00 AM, and we can provide airport transportation no matter what time your flight departs or arrives.

  • Even though BDL is one of the smaller airports in the area, they still have their fair share of delicious food and intriguing shopping. For example, you can find Cask & Barrel Bistro and Brooks Brothers in the main terminal, with Traveltini and Locks Landing near the gates.

  • Just because Bradley International only services seven airlines (Air Canada, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United, US Airways), there are still delays. Don’t worry; our airport transportation at BDL includes one hour of free wait time.

  • Since the airport is smaller in size, BDL recommends arriving for your flight only 60-90 minutes ahead of schedule versus the two hours suggested for larger airports.

  • If you are a nursing mother, Bradley International now features a dedicated nursing room by the CNBC store in the food court area past security.

  • When traveling with a pet, BDL provides pet relief areas outside on both ends of baggage claim.

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