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About Rudy's Executive Transportation
4 Generations & 7 Decades of Excellence in Transportation

Over 60 Years of Advanced Technology

Rudy’s technology has gone from 3×5 index cards to today’s most up-to-date computer-driven capability. From a telephone call to the driver on a payphone to a handheld smartphone in the car with the driver. The drivers are in constant and immediate contact with the office. To serve our customer’s needs we get a constant feed of information from the airlines via FAA flight track data.  This flight track data is the same as Aircraft Traffic Control uses. Our trip entry system provides real-time acknowledgment of the requested trip pick-up. All trips are monitored by a GPS in every car which tells dispatch where the cars are at every moment. Unforeseen tie-ups can be re-dispatched to another driver using our fleet of over 100 cars.  Customers can request specific drivers. Special pick-up and drop-off requirements are easily handled. At Rudy’s, we consider every customer’s trip critical and important. We have state of the art technology our reservations and dispatch programs. We are fully equipped for emergencies with backup systems in place and redundant telephone systems. Rudy’s also has an enterprise-wide uninterruptible electrical system with a full backup generator.  Systems and ideas that could only be dreamed about sixty years ago are routine at Rudy’s today.


Rudy's Chauffeurs

Rudy's professional uniformed chauffeurs are not only courteous and friendly, but committed to responding to our customers' every transportation need. Since all Rudy's chauffeurs live throughout the Connecticut/Westchester area, they are conveniently located within minutes of your home or office. They are also completely familiar with all locations and routes within the tri-state area to get you there on time, every time.


Rudy's Staff

Rudy's efficient office staff of professional dispatchers and trained reservationists is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and can be reached toll free from anywhere in the country. We are also in constant communication with each of our chauffeurs so that we can respond immediately to any travel changes you might have. And, to better serve you, we have used our experience to create several unique "fail-safe" systems to eliminate the pressure and minor aggravations of private limousine travel and make your trips with Rudy's what they should be - reliable, luxurious and safe.



Rudy’s is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation and remains in strict compliance with all regulations pertaining to industry standards. As required by law, Rudy’s is insured and does not charge to add any clients as insured, if the service is requested. Rudy’s is also one of a select few Transportation services with a Federal Motor Carrier number, required for any operator engaged in interstate activity.

ICC# MC 15081
DOT# 1951
USDOT #18154
TLC # B02597
WC TLC # 00083-16

Proud Member of National Limousine Association and New England Livery Association



Are you aware that the Connecticut Department of Transportation requires $1 million in insurance coverage for car services?

We at Rudy’s provide our clients with the highest quality standards and safety measures. Rudy’s is pleased to announce that in the best interest of our clients we have a $5M liability policy. Choose our car service wisely, before you book anywhere ask that service for their certificate of insurance. Be sure they have enough coverage for your protection!

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