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Rudy's Executive Transportation FAQ's

What information do I need beforehand to make a reservation?


To facilitate a quick, accurate, & effective luxury car reservation, please indicate the following & review our booking process infographic:

  • Passenger account number or name

  • Type of service: SedanSUV (Suburban), Executive Van

  • Any special instructions

  • Your name and telephone number

  • Date, day, time and trip (one-way or round-trip)

    • Pick-up address and telephone number

    • Destination: airport, airline, address


Are email reservations accepted?

  • No. Email reservations are not accepted. Please call toll free 1-800-243-RUDY(7839) to place a reservation.

  • Customers with an existing Rudy’s account may access e-reservations through the Rudy’s Reservation page at the website. You will set up your user name and password when you set up an account at or when downloading the Go Rudy’s App at the App Store or Google Play. Then you may place a reservation either online or through your phone. When setting up the account, please use the email address that you have in your Rudy’s profile as that email links to your account.

  • The website is accessible anywhere in the world on the Internet.

  • If you do not have a Rudy’s account, call 1-800-243-RUDY(7839) to set up a Rudy’s Executive Transportation account.

  • To place a reservation, call 1-800-243-RUDY(7839) Our travel specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • ALL CHANGE’S or CANCELLATIONS to an existing reservation MUST BE CALLED INTO Rudy’s at 1-800-243-RUDY(7839)


What is your cancellation policy?


Cancellation of a guaranteed car service reservation must be made one hour prior to the Fairfield County pick-up time; two hours prior to executive car service NYC pick-ups or at an airport. Vans require 24-hour cancellation notice. No shows and cancel-on-locations will be charged accordingly. Cancellation numbers will be given at the time of the cancellation and should be retained for your records.

What can I expect when I arrive at the airport?


  • Look for the Rudy’s sign or your company name.

  • Domestic Flights: Kennedy or LaGuardia – meet at the baggage area unless specified in advance.

  • International Flights: Meet at the Customs exit.

If for any reason the customer cannot locate our chauffeur, DO-NOT-LEAVE it is the customer’s responsibility to call our office Toll Free 1-800-243-RUDY(7839). We are in constant communication with our chauffeurs and will be able to assist you. Failure to call our office if contact cannot be made will result in appropriate charges. Rudy’s Chauffeurs are attired in a white shirt and a red Rudy’s tie, holding a Rudy’s sign or your company name.


What if my flight has been delayed?


Due to mechanical difficulties or bad weather, we will try to contact someone for authorization to wait. We will not abandon our customers at airports. We will wait until the flight arrives and charge accordingly unless we are told to dismiss the car. If the car is dismissed, charges will be from the airport to our office plus time, tolls and parking fees.

Remember: One Hour Free Wait Time at Major Airports. 30 Minutes Free Wait Time on Private Flights.

What should I know if I’m flying a shuttle?

Up to the minute flight information is difficult to monitor on shuttles and one-hour flights. Please call our office as soon as possible for any known changes in arrival times, so we might adjust your executive transportation as necessary.


Do you offer curbside pickup?


Yes. For those times when you arrive at the airport without luggage, all you must do is request a curbside pickup when you place your reservation. Upon your arrival, telephone our dispatch center at 800-243-7839 and the dispatcher will instruct you where to go meet your vehicle. We will radio your luxury car service to pull up and take you away.


Do you have a lost and found?


As your car service company, Rudy’s is not responsible for lost items or valuables left behind in the vehicle.

Please check the car before you exit the vehicle for all of your personal items. Items to keep track of include keys, passports, computers, coats, bags, jewelry, cell phones, and all other items belonging to the customer/passenger. Rudy’s and Rudy’s Chauffeurs are NOT and WILL NOT be responsible for ANY items left in the vehicle by the passenger/customer.

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