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Mini Coaches - 36-40 Passengers

  • Air Conditioned

  • Individual reclining Captain seats

  • TV/DVD/CD/iPod

  • Spacious luggage compartment

  • Equipped with WiFi 


Passenger Capacity: 36-40  |  Large Luggage Capacity

Mini Coach Event Transportation in NYC, Fairfield County, and Westchester County

When you need event transportation for a large group of people, our mini coach offers all of the amenities you require while providing the comfort and style you desire. With its large seating and luggage capacity, the mini coach is the ideal transportation option for business events in Fairfield County, community events in Westchester County, or even a night out with colleagues in NYC. With a dedication to service and a commitment to luxury, Rudy’s Executive Transportation would love to provide you with first-class event transportation in our mini coach.  Our luxurious and professional car service serves Connecticut, New York and New Jersey so we will be happy to take you anywhere throughout the tri-state area!

Ample Space for the Whole Team

Our mini coach features plush seating for up to 40 people. That means you don’t have to worry about coordinating a caravan or having anybody get lost along the way. Instead, you can all experience the beauty of NYC, Fairfield County, or Westchester County together. Additionally, if luggage is a requirement for your event, the mini coach features sufficient space for every person to bring their own bag.

Luxurious Seats that Envelop Each Person

Not only does our mini coach provide seats for 40 people, each seat is its own entity. Every member on your team will have their own luxurious seat that can recline. Whether you are making a quick trip in Westchester County or you are embarking on an excursion to NYC, your team will be able to relax in complete comfort on our luxurious mini coach. To further enhance your contentment, the rear lighting and temperature is also under your control.

Features That Allow You to Make the Most of Your Time

With upgraded amenities, our executive transportation will allow you to choose how you want to spend your time aboard our mini coach. If you want to simply relax and take in the gorgeous scenery found in Fairfield County and beyond, you will be able to do so with ease. However, if you want to capitalize on your team’s time together, you can take advantage of the included television, DVD player, iPod connection, and CD player. Show your team the business plan for the new quarter, or review last quarter’s numbers and brainstorm ways to improve. Of course, playing a movie strictly for entertainment is also a possibility. The choice is yours.

Impeccable Customer Service

No matter what type of event transportation you are using our mini coach for, you can depend on the chauffeurs and customer service agents at Rudy’s Executive Transportation to make the entire experience seamless from start to finish. Our chauffeurs will treat your team with respect and discretion, while effortlessly making their way through Fairfield County, Westchester County, or NYC.

If you want to show your team how valuable they are to you, don’t settle for anything but the best event transportation in the tri-state area. Reserve our mini coach today for luxurious transportation throughout NYC, Fairfield County, and Westchester County. 


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