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National Connecticut Day is on August 10th. On this national holiday, we’ll celebrate the history, beauty, and cultural significance of some of Connecticut’s most beloved attractions. Do you know what you’ll be doing on National Connecticut Day? If you haven’t made plans already, we can suggest some excellent attractions, and all of them are easily accessible with CT event transportation.

Mark Twain House

Mark Twain (also known as Sam Clemens) lived in Hartford, CT from 1874 to 1891. His stunning 11,500 square foot home contains 25 lovely rooms. He was living in this home when he published his famous book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and it is said that this is the home he was living in when he wrote The Prince and The Pauper, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

This famous property has been labeled one of the ten best historic homes in the world by National Geographic. In this home, Sam Clemens and his wife raised three daughters and employed a small staff. The home now stands as a monument to Mark Twain and contains information about his life and the time period when he lived. Visitors are able to learn all about Mark Twain’s family, servants, pets, associates, and friends. People who come to see the Mark Twain house also enjoy the Gothic architecture and the many beautiful pieces of furniture and hand-crafted details within.

The Mark Twain house is located at 351 Farmington Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut. The home opens daily at 9:30 in the morning and is an excellent location to begin your journey to some of Connecticut’s finest landmarks. And with executive car service in Connecticut, your car can be waiting for you in the morning, ready to take you to your destination.

Gillette Castle State Park

Just to the south of Hartford lies a town called East Haddam, where you’ll find Gillette Castle State Park. Built in 1919, the home of William Hooker Gillette is a medieval-style castle situated atop a hill. The structure is nestled on a 184-acre plot of land, surrounded by beautiful vistas, elegant bridges, and well-maintained trails.

Inside the castle, you’ll find 27 rooms featuring beautiful, hand-carved millwork. It’s said that the home contains 47 doors, all of them unique. William Hooker Gillette oversaw the construction and design of the home, down to the last detail. You’ll be amazed by the warmth and beauty of the castle’s interior and when you’re ready to explore outside, you’ll have a wonderful time traversing the trails.

Located at 67 River Road in East Haddam, Gillette Castle State Park makes an excellent half-day trip, leaving time in the afternoon for CT event transportation to take you to more fun elsewhere.

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Just 40 minutes south of Gillette Castle State Park is the Hammonasset Beach State Park, home of Connecticut’s longest shoreline. This beach contains trails, a boardwalk, and areas for sun bathing, swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities. With over a million visitors every year, Hammonasset is truly one of Connecticut’s greatest treasures. After visiting Mark Twain’s house and Gillette Castle State Park, you can finish your day exploring the boardwalk at this lovely beach.

Explore Connecticut with Executive Transportation

August 10th is the day to explore everything our gorgeous state has to offer! From fun at the beach to enchantment in a castle, Connecticut has a little something for everyone. Now is the time to make your plans for National Connecticut Day. Call Rudy’s to reserve your executive car service in Connecticut, today.

Written on August 10th, 2018 by Rudy's Executive Transportation in News