Our Commitment to Providing Child Friendly Car Services

Here at Rudy’s Executive Transportation, we understand the challenges of traveling as a family to all of your most important events. From keeping the kids entertained to ensuring everyone remains safe, family travels can prove demanding without dedicated support. With our high-quality fleet of vehicles driven by skilled and experienced chauffeurs, we aim to help you overcome those difficulties and simply enjoy your travels. Our Connecticut, NJ, and NYC car services are here to provide you the quality transportation you deserve. Read on to explore how we accomplish our goal of providing safe and stress-free kid friendly transportation services throughout the tri-state area.

Our Fleet of Family Friendly Vehicles

To provide exceptional child safe transportation across New York & Connecticut, we maintain and utilize an expansive fleet of more than 100 vehicles. Within our fleet, we have luxury sedans and SUVs equipped with high-tech safety and entertainment systems. We also have Ford Transit vans on hand to transport large families and their belongings. Upon request, Rudy’s Executive Transportation can also provide you will a car seat for your child. As an industry leader in providing safe driving services for kids, we commit to maintaining and repairing our fleet of luxury vehicles frequently to keep each one in optimal condition.

Our Kid Friendly Transportation Services

We can take you and your family anywhere you need to go, from a trip to the airport, to family outings. such as Broadway theater, hockey games or birthday parties. We also provide support in transporting your kids back to college at the end of their visit home. When the time arrives to go to a family event, or if it is time to go back to school for college students, we can provide you with our family friendly shuttle services. Our young adult car service not only keeps everyone safe, but entertained as well, with the exceptional entertainment systems equipped in each of our fleet vehicles.

Skilled Professionals Dedicated to Child Safe Transportation

Our trusted chauffeurs play an integral role in the safe transport of children and families. With our training and support services, we ensure our chauffeurs have the skills needed to expertly pilot our fleet vehicles to all our clients’ requested locations. Beyond providing our drivers with training and dispatch support every step of the way, we carry a large insurance policy to protect our clients. We also keep our fleet filled with modern luxury vehicles that include the latest safety features so you can get to the airport, back to school, or any upcoming family events.

If you need family or kid transportation service from a trusted company, contact our team at Rudy’s Executive Transportation by calling 800-243-7839. We look forward to helping you safely arrive at your destination – and truly enjoy your travels along the way.

Written on January 21st, 2019 by Rudy's Executive Transportation in News